We offer comprehensive, value-for-money and customised consultancy services to suit your organisation's needs.

Our housing experts can work with you on a spectrum of issues including new and established policy, strategic and operational matters, organisational reviews and development.

Leadership Development

We can provide you with:

  • development of leadership and management skills
  • coaching
  • team facilitation
  • change management
  • strategic HR planning

Board Development and Governance

We can provide you with:

  • board training
  • board member appraisals
  • whole board reviews
  • Chair and board member coaching
  • governance reviews
  • governance development for executives
  • development of co-regulation and local offers

Strategy and Policy Development

We can provide you with:

  • housing strategy development and reviews
  • policy development and review
  • option appraisals
  • business and corporate planning
  • business process re-engineering

People Management

We can help you become an employer of choice with:

  • advice about engaging your people
  • optimising diversity
  • development of best practice policies and procedures
  • maximising performance

Resident Involvement

We can help you with:

  • development of co-regulation and local offers
  • support and advice to Resident Inspection and Scrutiny
  • designing and reviewing resident involvement strategies
  • working with residents groups to build and develop capacities
  • Value for Money service reviews
  • writing and reviewing Resident Involvement Agreements
  • staff training
  • facilitating workshops
  • chairing conferences
  • election and selection processes for board members and resident involvement structures
  • launching residents' panels


We can help you deliver sustainable community regeneration for people, homes, businesses and communities through:

  • baseline assessments of current sustainability
  • Area Regeneration Frameworks to guide regeneration
  • community and key stakeholder engagement in planning for the futire, including Masterplanning and "Planning for Real" activities
  • contractor and consultant selection including designers, developers and programme and project managers
  • programme and project management for sub-regional, neighbourhood and community regeneration