About Michael

Michael Guest is a highly experienced housing consultant and trainer working across the sector for Housing Associations, Local Authorities, ALMOs and Resident Involvement Groups.  He is sought after for his advice and support on the governance of housing organisations, including board member appraisal, whole board review, board training programmes and coaching as well as bespoke board development sessions.

Michael is often commissioned to design and facilitate ‘away’ sessions for boards and executive leadership teams, for example to review the strategic direction of the business, for policy review or to take stock as to where the organisation now is in its operating environment.

Extending from work on governance, Michael is a leading adviser on co-regulation, supporting Resident Inspectors and Resident Scrutiny Panels undertaking Scrutiny of their landlord’s services and performance.  He also works with Providers and their Residents on Local Offers, supporting ‘Designated Panel’ arrangements and providing Capacity Building to ensure effective Resident Involvement.

Michael’s housing consultancy experience extends to most of the business, advising on strategic and policy review, change management, operational matters and undertaking project management.  His housing training portfolio includes programmes of training and individual sessions for boards, staff and involved residents across a wide range of skills and knowledge essential for effective housing services.